Waiting for the train

This past week was supposed to be the kickoff of my 18 week training period for the Tower of Terror 10 mile race in September.   In reality, I started running in January — as a total couch potato I figured I needed all the time I could get for training.    I’m glad I got the early start, as this week I wasn’t able to train at all.

Just before Memorial Day, while doing an easy slow jog, I felt a really severe cramping in my calf.  I was unable to continue that run, but hoped that with a couple of days’ rest I’d be right back at it.   That hasn’t happened.   I’ve been icing it, working it over with a foam roller, and stretching it (gently, no bouncing).   It’s been feeling a little better each day, and today I thought I’d be able to get in my 4 miles as scheduled and be right on track.    But just as I started out — barely a minute into my run — it tightened up again, and I turned around and headed back in.

Very frustrating.    I’m traveling this week so I think I’ll just plan on not running while I’m away, but will continuing icing, stretching, and rolling the calf.   Next weekend, I’ll see whether I’m ready to pick up with the training.

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